Winter Park Volleyball Club – Florida

Volleyball season is just around the corner, and there are many volleyball places to choose from for improving your skills and competing. But how do you know where you should go if you’re looking to get started with a new club? Some research will go a long way, and that’s what you’ll find here to help make your decision easier. 

Winter Park Volleyball Club is an excellent club to join if you’re looking to dive into the exciting world of volleyball. Here are a few things you should know before signing up. 

Overview of Winter Park Volleyball Club 

The WPVC is a 501c(3) organization comprised of a team of local coordinators from all backgrounds. They serve to build and uphold operational aspects of each team, including the formation of teams and enforcement of court regulations. 

The WPVC foundation believes in building teams that allow children to understand the fundamental aspects of teamwork and coordination and teaching all this while having fun on the court. Whether it’s for fun or competition, the WPVC team members help coordinate various events throughout the year. 

This includes fun events for seasonal holidays, such as the Angel Tree event  during the Christmas season. This allows all families and athletes to build a sense of community while supporting more volleyball places. 


The Winter Park Club offers multiple tiers of sponsorship. You can set your sponsorship goal anywhere from $150 to $3000. Each level of support provides a different kind of benefit. 

With these donations, children in need of financial assistance will be gifted the opportunity to join the sports community. In return, companies or individuals donating to the foundation can also receive a tax-deductible write-off for their donation. 

Here are the sponsorship tiers: 

  • Player Level Sponsors – $150
  • Point Level Sponsor – $500
  • Set Level Sponsor – $1000
  • Match Level Sponsor – $3000

Scholarships Available

Some scholarships are being made available on an as-needed basis. These scholarships can help cover club tuition costs for any athletes that may need financial assistance entering the club. 

If you’re interested in scholarships, speak with WPVC’s team members to see if athletes meet the specifications. 

Location of Winter Park Volleyball Club

The Winter Park Volleyball Club’s headquarters are at 2603 Ace Rd Orlando, FL 32804. For competitive teams, they may play away from the main facility more often to face off against other teams and participate in tournaments. Matches typically take place across Florida. 

Available Programs

The organization offers everything from recreational clinics to competitive teams. Boys and girls alike will find opportunities to play for the club. There are also multiple tiers of programs. Each has more or fewer scrimmages and tournaments than the others, allowing children to commit only to what they can handle. 

Find Your New Volleyball Home

The Winter Park Volleyball Club is passionate about supporting local athletes in the volleyball community. WPVC wants to help athletes achieve their goals. 

If you’re interested in helping children jump into the game of volleyball, try the Winter Park Volleyball Club!