Why Does One Volleyball Player Wear A Different Color

On any volleyball team with six players, you will always notice there is one player that wears a different color. In most sports, there is always one player that has a slightly different jersey than the rest of the team. In other sports, this usually signifies the team captain. In the game of volleyball, a player wearing a different color signifies that this player is the team’s Libero.

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There are two main reasons why the Libero wears a different color. The first is that it makes it the libero much easier to see on the court for the other players as well as the referee. The reason a referee would need to identify the libero leads us to the second reason. A libero doesn’t follow the same rules as other players.

The libero’s jersey not only has to be a different color, but it needs to be noticeably different from all angles, making it as easy as possible for the referee to notice them. The rule for what color their jersey should be is just that it needs to contrast with the rest of the team’s jerseys. If the a team is wearing white jerseys, then the libero would likely wear a black jersey.

Libero’s Special Rules

The libero’s role on the team is to play a defensive role only. They are not allowed to perform an attack (hitting the ball over). This includes serving and blocking. The rules of a libero go deeper as you explore the official rules of volleyball.

The is because the libero position has special rules that require players to wear a different color than the other players. The color helps referees identify the player and enforce the rules of the position. Liberos only serve one point between the time a player leaves the court and his or her replacement comes on the court.

The reason for this is that opponents can spot a player wearing a jersey of a different color, making the other team’s players more visible. The same rule applies to teammates: the player wearing a contrasting color can be substituted for any player in the back row. It’s a great way to get some extra practice time. You might also wonder why one volleyball player wears a different color jersey when the other team has two players in the same color.

The Libero is the back-row specialist on the team, and the only position in the team that requires her to wear a different colour is the libero. This specialized defensive player has one main purpose: to reinforce the back row of the team. The libero’s jersey is different because the head coach must ask for her to be substituted if they have a substitution. A libero’s job is to make the most beautiful reception possible, helping the team get the most advantageous situation to score a point.