What Division Is Louisiana Tech Volleyball?

When looking at your options for a college with a skilled volleyball team, you’ll want to turn your eyes to Louisiana Tech. It’s a fantastic school with a team of dedicated players determined to go higher than ever before. Their athletes hold themselves to higher standards and form a strong sense of camaraderie through competition.

In this article, we’ll discuss Louisiana Tech and why it should be the college of your choice for any young athlete looking to join a great volleyball team!

About Louisiana Tech

Founded in 1894, Louisiana Tech offers a wide range of programs for every student. The tuition is more affordable than other universities as well, adding to its allure for athletes looking to attend college. Additionally, there are plenty of excellent sports teams for young athletes to get involved with to further their careers and goals. 

Louisiana Tech has grown to develop a talented volleyball team. The athletes are skilled and determined in their sport. Generally, the athletes compete at the Division I level in the NCAA. Scholarships and other support are available for student-athletes to help them through their academic and athletic careers. Sponsorship is available for some students as well!

Student Scholarships and Admissions

On average, about 34% of student-athletes receive scholarships to support them while they play. These scholarships are applicable to Division I athletes at LA Tech. Scholarships and sponsorships cover the costs of room and board, as well as transportation for athletes throughout the year, in addition to tuition costs. 

To get recruited and to be more likely to receive a scholarship, prospective athletes should fill out the questionnaire to get on the radar and refrain from sending unsolicited emails.

NCAA Appearances

The 2021 women’s volleyball stats show how well the team performed during the year. Competing at this level allows the team to face off with opponents they might face in regular games, but with an added edge for both sides. While schools may form rivalries and compete against each other throughout the year, the conferences allow them to compete for a championship title.

Additionally, the student-athletes at LA Tech compete at the d1 level in the NCAA. The college team does not compete at the d2 level due to the size of the college. It’s one of nearly 350 schools that make up the division. The Lady Techsters, as the players are lovingly known, have been known to be named Second Team All-Conference USA for their skill and determination. The women dominate the court and rank high in conference matches, developing a strong sense of competition and camaraderie as they play.


When looking at colleges for volleyball in terms of professional competitions, Louisiana Tech is worth looking into. Their affordable tuition makes them an attractive option for athletes, as well as their place in the NCAA. They participate in Division I of the NCAA, the division with the highest number of schools and the largest enrollment numbers. Take a look at Louisiana Tech for their volleyball program.