What Division is Lafayette College Volleyball?

Lafayette College, located in Easton, PA, is home to the Lafayette Leopards volleyball team. They compete in the Patriot League conference at a D1 level. 

Let’s go over some fun facts about Lafayette College and what you can expect from their volleyball program. 

About Lafayette College 

Lafayette College is a private liberal arts school with lots of character! Built in 1826, it overlooks the historic Delaware River and sits on 340 acres of land. 

Boasting a great location, it’s only 70 miles away from New York City and about the same distance to Philly. A small-knit community, the college typically has around 2,500 students enrolled. And, just a fun fact, it was voted #38 best Liberal Arts College.

Scholarships & Recruitment 

Lafayette College offers scholarship opportunities in ten sports, among them, women’s volleyball. The scholarships are accessible for NJCAA, NAIA, and NCAA (D1 and D2). 

Getting recruited into their division 1 volleyball team is a competitive process that requires players to go above and beyond to get noticed by the college coaches. One of the things they can do to achieve this goal is to fill out the college’s recruitment form and join their list. To increase the chances of getting picked, volleyball players need to have an athletic recruiting profile online, so that the coaches can see what they’re capable of doing as a player.

Make sure you are discoverable by having a comprehensive recruiting profile that contains your athletic and academic accomplishments. Ryan Adams is the coach in charge of this college’s volleyball. Hence, he is a person you may want to acquaint yourself with in the case you get the opportunity to speak with him.

Scholarship recipients are required to file for FAFSA every year in order to determine eligibility. A full athletic scholarship will cover tuition, room and board, and books. There are several partial scholarships that are also awarded. 

NCAA Tournament Appearances

While the Lafayette Leopards compete in the NCAA D1 Patriot League, they’ve never qualified to play in the NCAA tournament. Some of Lafayette’s women volleyball’s rivals include the Lehigh Mountain Hawks, American Eagles, Bucknell, and the Loyola Greyhounds. 

Lafayette College Volleyball | Final Thoughts

Lafayette College has a vibrant division I volleyball team, as evidenced by the active social media profiles on platforms like Twitter. The players and coaches take the game very seriously. There is a rigorous recruitment process in place which sees that only the very best players make it onto the team. The college also offers scholarships to athletes, which ensures that the institution gets the top talent from all over the US without being held back by tuition and fees.  

If you would like to be part of the Lafayette college volleyball team, it would be prudent that you learn more about the institution. Understanding the volleyball program and the scholarship process is crucial when you want to commence the recruitment process.

Home to the Lafayette Leopards, this school proudly competes in the Patriot League conference at a D1 level.