What Division Is Illinois State University Volleyball?

Illinois State University has a D1 volleyball team. As an original in Illinois, the school embraces tradition and believes that tried and true methods are the best. They have been consistent with their training methods and the staff they appoint, only bringing in those with high credentials. 

Moreover, the Illinois Redbirds volleyball team have held a strong standing in championships since the 90s and have kept it up since. You will rarely look at a final ranking without seeing this name on the list. 

A Little About Illinois State University 

This was the first public university to open in Illinois, and its popularity made it rise beyond d2 to d1. Its purpose was to provide an opportunity to those who didn’t have the means for private education. 

Offering a flexible acceptance rate, most who begin at this university graduate and build successful careers. Illinois State University offers programs for almost every degree, but the most common types awarded are marketing, education, and agriculture. 

A study in 2022 placed Illinois State University among the top 10 percent of schools in the nation in regard to the quality of education. That being said, its athletic teams have a long-standing presence in high-tier championships. The women’s volleyball division is a major asset to the school, having brought in almost a million dollars in revenue in the past years. 

NCAA Appearances 

The Illinois Redbirds have participated in 15 National Collegiate Athletic Association tournaments. In 2019, the team celebrated eight wins in a row. They have continued to enter in recent times, including the most recent one. They defeated well-known teams such as Indiana State and Florida State. They’ve always managed to remain among the top division of competitors. 

This school was ranked 16th in the entire nation’s volleyball teams in 2021. 

MVC Appearances 

Illinois State is a member of the well-known d1 tournament, Missouri Valley Conference. The Redbirds made quite a showing in the years 2020-2021, earning the All-Sports Trophy. The team has also won the Outdoor title for four straight years, including the most recent one. 

In its entire time since forming, this team has won three annual championships in a row three times. Over the past 31 years of the tournament, the Redbirds have taken at least third place in the MVC.

Horizon League

Formerly known as the Midwestern City Conference, this sports conference consists of 12 schools in the Midwestern part of the nation. Under the coaching of Allie Matters, Illinois State has won two Horizon League titles. 

Other Notable Awards

The Redbirds display quality both on the volleyball field and in the academic field. For this reason, the team has been recognized for thirteen years in a row by the American Volleyball Coaches Association, earning the Team Academic Award. This means they’ve succeeded in championships while maintaining at least a 3.3 grade average on a scale of 4. 

The Takeaway 

The Illinois State University Redbirds have kept a steady pace since their formation, garnering titles both as a team and among individuals. Along with consistently showing exemplary in high-stake tournaments, players have proven themselves to be a credit to their schools in academics and decision-making.