What Division Is Georgia Tech Volleyball? 

The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is a respectable college and not the easiest to get into. The same applies to the volleyball team at this school — the Yellow Jackets. 

About Georgia Tech 

Georgia Tech is for those seeking a career in engineering, technology, or science. In fact, some have gone so far as to say it’s an Ivy League quality education offered by a public school. 

Students in search of a good education while keeping costs down often consider this school. Tuition costs are $10,258 for Georgia residents and $31,370 for non-Georgia residents. There is also financial aid and scholarships available, both academically and for athletes. 

While known for its science and technology, the school also focuses heavily on sports. Arguably, its most prominent division is volleyball. The Yellow Jacket’s D1 volleyball team almost always comes up on a top-tier collegiate volleyball list. Players hold up to a rigorous practice schedule held by highly qualified instructors and are a well-known name in competitions across the nation. 

NCAA Tournament Appearances 

In the years 2000 through 2004, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets made it into the tournament, marking a five-year run. After this era, it became more sparse, and after 2009, there was a significant dry spell. But when they came back, they more than made up for the lost time. 

In 2021, Georgia Tech’s women’s volleyball team made its first appearance in the NCAA in 2009 as the eighth seed and made it to the finals. They scored second place, suffering a defeat by Louisville. However, they quickly dusted themselves off, going on to a winning streak of ten games, and have continued consistent wins since.

Overall, the Yellow Jackets are listed in 5th place out of 340 teams, placing them in the top-tier division. 

ACC Appearances 

Georgia Tech is a well-known participant in the Atlantic Coast Conference, a large d1 tournament, and has held consistently since its membership began. In November 2021, the team achieved a perfect 2-0 week. One of its members, Julia Bergmann, achieved the title ACC Player of the Week. This marked her fourth time winning this award over the course of this season. Her time on the team began with an ACC Freshman of the Year Award. 

In 2019, Michelle Collier, the Yellow Jackets head coach, was honored with the title ACC Coach of the Year. In the years 2020-2021, she led the team to victory in 17 out of their 18 home games. This is just to name a few of her awards and accolades. 


Also known as the National Invitational Volleyball Championship, the NIVC is a d1 tournament that happens post-season, consisting of 20 teams. The Yellow Jackets boast many victories in this championship. In 2019, the team won 32 out of 38 matches. 

Final Thoughts

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have made a name for themselves in the sport of volleyball. Not only have they made the final cut in several nationwide tournaments, but they’ve produced several all-star players!