Volleyball Themed Gift Ideas And Accessories

If you’re looking to get a volleyball-related gift for somebody or a group of people, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will cover all the best gift ideas for volleyball players, teams, and coaches!

Great Gift Ideas For Volleyball Players

In general, there are lots of gifts you can get for a volleyball player. In this section, we list a bunch of ideas you can consider. Then, we’ll go over where some of these gift ideas will work best for specific types of volleyball players.

Volleyball Shoes

volleyball shoes as a gift

Volleyball shoes will always make a great gift. Because there are so many different styles, colors, and brands, you might want to check out our volleyball shoe guide as well as ask the giftee about their preference. It’s one of the biggest purchases that has to be made for any volleyball player.

Volleyball Knee Pads

under armour volleyball knee pads as a gift

Knee pads are a great gift for any volleyball player that is cautious about a knee injury. Whether they’re recovering from a previous injury or they’re trying to prevent one from happening in the first place, volleyball knee pads will help by providing compression around the entire knee and absorbing the player’s weight when they need to drop down to get a ball quickly.

Volleyball Bag or Backpack

When it comes to Volleyball bags, there are two main options. For the first. you can get a mesh volleyball bag, which is used for storing a volleyball safely. Second, you can get a volleyball backpack, which is meant to carry volleyball gear all in one place. There are some great styles and selections with volleyball backpacks made by Mizuno, a top brand in the industry.

Socks & Sand Socks

Athletic socks are underrated. They’re such a small thing but they bring so much comfort to any player wearing athletic socks. With lighter material that is designed to breathe better, your volleyball player will have happier feet than their opponent.

Sand Socks are also great for beach volleyball players. This is especially true during hot days when the sun makes the sand too hot to stand on. It also protects feet from any kind of foot fungus that may be left in the sand from other players’ feet, leading to athletes’ feet.

Elbow Pads

For volleyball players that are good at diving, elbow pads make for a great gift. It takes elbows a long time to heal, especially when they’re being used regularly for playing volleyball. Elbows can take a lot of shock from hitting the ball, but if an elbow is injured, even slightly, that shock can be painful. It’s a good idea to prevent any kind of injury by putting some protection on those elbows as a form of prevention.

Sports Glasses And Sunglasses

For volleyball players that play outdoors, it’s always good to have some kind of eye protection. Sports glasses are good for protecting against wind and sand while sunglasses are good for UV light. Glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They’re usually cool-looking and would make an awesome gift.

RMT Appointment

Volleyball can be tough on your body. There are lots of times when you’re throwing yourself around, diving, squatting, and jumping. Getting an appointment with a registered massage therapist can help ease the pain that may be hurting a player’s joints and muscles.

Volleyball Clinic

A volleyball clinic is a short training session usually hosted by a professional volleyball player. In just an hour or two, a player can be taught to improve their game a lot. Clinics are meant to correct bad habits and teach proper form for hitting, setting, positions, and much more.

For Girls

Getting a volleyball gift specifically for girls depends on their age and what they need. To get the best idea, you’ll want to ask as many questions as you can about how they’re doing on the courts. For their skill level, what are they most confident in doing, and what do they think is holding them back?

Although volleyball isn’t a contact sport, there are still a lot of minor injuries that add up over time. Some protective gear like knee pads or elbow pads can help to keep a player in the game longer. Having volleyball shoes that are in good condition also make a huge difference. Also, girls have some really cool options for volleyball shoes. One of the most popular choices is high-top volleyball shoes.

For Boys

Volleyball gifts for boys can be anything from the list above. Shoes, socks, sunglasses, or even just a spare ball to practice with. Boys are always in need of shoes or shorts to go with the rest of their gear. You can consider getting them breathable shirts, socks, or shoes.

For Volleyball Senior

Volleyball seniors are at the top of their game for the skill level they’re playing at. Getting a gift for a volleyball senior is about combining a fun gift idea with a serious gift idea. You have to consider what they have and what they need. You also can’t give them a gift that will take their focus away from their game.

For Coaches

Getting a gift for a volleyball coach is about understanding where they’re coming from. Volleyball coaches work hard to push their teams as far as possible. They spend countless hours thinking about training, drills, and how each of their players will perform at their best.

There are lots of ways to make a volleyball coach happy, and not all of them require buying something! Although getting a physical gift is nice, some coaches just want to be appreciated. Consider making a commitment to showing up early for practices. Praise your coach to his/her superiors to let them know how pleased you are with the coaching you’re getting.

If you want to buy something for your coach, you can choose between something volleyball-themed or just an activity that allows your coach to rest and relax on their own time. Whether it’s a dinner, a spa, or tickets to a game. Considering what kind of tools your coach could use to make their job easier. Maybe a large drawing board for presenting positions or a gadget like a tablet that will help them keep schedules.

For Team or Teammates

When buying gifts for a volleyball team, your best bet is to put together some sort of gift bag or gift basket that can be produced in bulk. This is also a great way to make sure everybody is given an equal gift in the process.

If you’re going to be putting together a gift bag, you can include all sorts of small, fun gifts. You can buy or bake volleyball-themed candy or baked goods. There is also a lot of volleyball-themed jewelry such as earrings or keychains.

If you’re looking to spend some money on gifts, you can refresh everyone’s equipment by buying some volleyball socks or protective gear like ankle braces, elbow pads, or knee pads. In the spirit of buying bulk gifts, you can also consider getting personalized team t-shirts that show off your team color, name, and everyone’s number.

For Lovers

Volleyball has always been a great way of bringing people together. Lots of people have met the love of their lives by playing volleyball together. So, what kind of gifts can you give to a couple that shares a love for volleyball?

Some great volleyball gifts for couples could be as simple as a clinic they can go to together. Sometimes a local volleyball tournament makes for a great full-day activity to play their hearts out. You can also consider baking a cake and creating fun volleyball designs with icing and cookies.

For Babies

Some couples are so excited about volleyball that they just can’t help but bring their kids into the sport! A volleyball-themed gift for babies could be as simple as a onesie or a blanket that is obviously related to volleyball.