Best Volleyball Shoe Brands [2022]

Volleyball is very physically demanding; jumping, quick steps, sliding, and landing. Your shoes are there to protect and support you from the ground up. An excellent volleyball shoe can make all the difference in your game. 

Unlike regular running shoes, a shoe specifically made for volleyball will serve your particular needs on the court. Because of this, it will last longer and help prevent injury on the court. A volleyball shoe is designed to have heel reinforcement to protect you from landings like a tennis shoe. And stability and support like a basketball shoe. 

Some shoes work well for all-around play, while some are targeted toward specific positions like hitters, setters, or opposites. To complete your uniform with the perfect pair of volleyball shoes, check out these recommended brands and what they have to offer. 

Criteria Best Brands for Volleyball Shoes 

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a brand of volleyball shoes. Each brand will suit players differently. The brands that stand out present quality products and have a solid reputation in the volleyball community. This is how to determine the brands to choose. 

  • The prominence of the brand in the volleyball community is important because people within the community will know which brands are reliable and which are not. From experience, players and coaches will use and recommend brands that they have liked in the past. And personal recommendations from trusted sources are the best way to learn. 
  • How the brand supports the sport through sponsorships. Big companies often use a portion of their budget for sponsorships or charities. While this offers them publicity, it also tells the consumer the values and priorities of the player. It is more likely that they’ve designed each new shoe with performance and comfort in mind.
  • Of course, the product is your priority. What does the brand offer, and is it what you need? Their selection of products will display how established a company is at creating volleyball shoes and offer consumers more to choose from. 


Mizuno is a Japanese sporting goods brand well-known for making quality, high-performance athletic wear and equipment. Volleyball shoes and equipment are one of their specialties. Founded in 1906, Mizuno is still a family-run company that focuses on innovation and aims for sustainability. 

Mizuno is a prominent sponsor of volleyball teams and players. Focusing on North America, they sponsor a handful of NCAA college teams, including:

  • Loyola of Chicago
  • Duke
  • Wichita State
  • Georgia Tech
  • LSU
  • Central Connecticut State University

Mizuno is also partnered with USA Volleyball to provide uniforms and shoes for all national teams. They sponsor April Ross, an indoor and outdoor volleyball star, who is the face of their women’s volleyball line. 

Mizuno shoes are known for durability and comfort. The materials are lightweight but strong. Mizuno’s Wave technology is in all of their shoes. The “waves” in the shoe add arch support and help stabilize the foot. 

They offer various volleyball shoes in several different models and colors. Mizuno’s shoes are excellent for teens and young adults.

Their most popular volleyball shoe models include:

  • Wave Momentum
  • Wave Lightning
  • Wave Luminous
  • Wave Supersonic


Nike is arguably the most popular athletic wear and sporting goods brand in the world. They have a dedicated volleyball line that is gaining in popularity within the community. 

While they are not known to sponsor any volleyball teams, Nike does sponsor a few individual players, such as beach volleyball player Sara Hughes.

Nike volleyball shoes are known for being comfortable, lightweight, and great for movement. Plus, as one of the most prominent brands in the world, they have a large selection to choose from. Their designs are stylish and up to date with trends. 

Nike shoes are a particularly good choice for liberos because they are smartly designed for a full range of movement. A few of their most popular volleyball shoes are:

  • HyperAce
  • React HyperSet
  • HyperSpeed


ASICS is a prominent brand in the sporting goods market and has a dedicated line of volleyball shoes for men and women. They are well-known for being an affordable option that stands up against higher-priced competitors. 

ASICS is a Japanese company founded in 1977. They sponsor many national volleyball teams, both male and female, including:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • South Korea
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • India
  • Japan

They are great shoes for beginners and young people. They are one of the few companies that have shoes specifically designed for children. 

ASICS focuses on stability while using lightweight materials and extra cushioning for comfort. Their shoes all have good traction to help prevent slip-and-falls on the court. As a more affordable brand, ASICS’ shoes are often not as durable or long-lasting as their competitors. This contributes to their popularity among children and teens, whose shoe size changes and durability is less important. 

They have a diverse selection of shoes in various colors, with low-cut and high-cut options. 

Their ASICS Gel-Rocket 10 is extremely popular amongst men and women for its high-quality and versatile design. ASICS’ additional popular shoe models include: 

  • Gel-Tactic
  • Upcourt 4
  • Sky Elite


Adidas is one of the most well-known sporting goods brands worldwide. Their shoes are known for being stylish and comfortable. Their volleyball department is small, but the shoes are of excellent quality. Adidas prioritizes style but still uses durable materials. 

While Adidas sponsors hundreds of athletes and teams worldwide, its focus is not on volleyball. They sponsored Team USA in volleyball for many years, but that recently changed. Currently, they sponsor a handful of players from both the men’s and women’s national teams. 

Adidas has a small selection of volleyball shoes with a limited selection for child sizes. The selection includes both male and female shoes as well as multiple fun styles of high and low-cut shoes. They are a clear choice for the player that prioritizes style without comprising quality. 

A few of Adidas’ shoe models specifically designed for volleyball players are:

  • Crazyflight
  • Ligra
  • Novaflight

The Adidas Crazyflight is a popular choice amongst setters and players at the net. It has a lightweight mesh upper and cushion for shock absorption. When purchasing Adidas shoes, remember their sizing runs about a half size large. 

Choosing the Best Brand of Volleyball Shoes: Which is Best For You?

Even though you now know which shoes are considered the best for volleyball, choosing the right pair will still be a difficult decision. The position you play and your preference for comfort, style, and fit will influence your purchase.

We’ve rounded up the key factors you should consider when choosing the top volleyball shoes to make your decision easier.

Position You Play

A shoe with shock absorption and cushion is necessary for hitters to protect their feet from hard landings. A good example of this is the Mizuno Wave series.

Liberos and setters may want to choose a more lightweight shoe like the Nike HyperSpeed or the Asics Gel-Rocket. 

Fit You’re Looking For

Regardless of position, the shoe should fit you snugly but comfortably. The width of your foot will also be a factor, as some brands have wider shoes than others. Mizunos are known to be more narrow, while the Asics Gel Rocket has a slightly wider toe box than most volleyball shoes. 

When trying on shoes, put both on and jump and move around to get a feel for gameplay. The tip of your toe should be about one finger width away from the front of the shoe. 

Design You Like

Choosing the color and design of the shoe will vary based on personal preference, but the shoe’s shape will provide a player with different perks. 

A high-top shoe provides excellent support for the ankle and foot. However, high-tops are slightly heavier and can slow you down. The Mizuno Wave Lighting is a smart choice for players looking for high-top volleyball shoes. 

If speed is your top priority for the position you play, low-top shoes are a better choice. They will allow a full range of motion and be lightweight. Most volleyball shoes on the market are low-cut shoes, and you have ample to choose from. 

Put Your Best Foot Forward 

The best volleyball shoe brands prioritize the needs of the player. Some volleyball shoes are regular sneakers or basketball shoes rebranded as volleyball shoes. It is important to choose brands well-known for making quality volleyball gear to avoid ending up with sneakers that don’t suit this rigorous and physically demanding sport. 

Always remember that the shoes you wear can greatly affect your game and how comfortable and confident you feel on the court. All the above brands are an excellent place to start looking to find the best pair of volleyball shoes for you. 

There are a number of different brands that make volleyball shoes, but Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, ASICS, and Puma are some of the most popular. Nike volleyball shoes are known for their comfort and support, while Adidas shoes offer excellent traction and durability. Mizuno volleyball shoes tend to be lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for hot summer days. ASICS volleyball shoes provide excellent cushioning and stability, while Puma shoes offer a combination of style and performance. Ultimately, the best brand for buying volleyball shoes depends on your own personal preferences.