Legacy Volleyball Club – Michigan

Legacy is the kind of word everyone wants to be associated with. This is why Legacy Volleyball Club has gone and done it for you. They’re a top volleyball club in Michigan with a substantial history when it comes to success. 

Whether it’s individual, team, or on a club-wide level, they’ve made moves. Their teams compete every year at both a regional and national level, and they consistently perform in the top echelon of competitive clubs around the US.

Learn more about the club and see if it could be your new sports home. 

The Club’s Location

Want to know where to find them? They’ve got three different locations to suit your specific needs. 

For their eastern location, you’ll want to head to the intersection of Marrill Road and 19 Mile Road. Based in the west? It’s near West Road and West Park Drive. For those in the south of Michigan, it’s High Velocity Sports Center, located on Michigan Ave, right off S Beck Road. And for all you beach babes out there, get down to On The Dunes Volleyball, located near Haggerty and Walnut Lake Road. 

The Mission

Legacy Volleyball Club was created in honor of the late Mr. L. He was a fixture in the volleyball community. He suddenly passed away in 2002. The club was founded by his sons and one of his former players, initially as a small unit. However, since its inception, it has grown into a prominent force that competes at both a state and national level.


They have an array of training programs in which players of all ages and abilities can get involved to stay fit and enjoy the benefits of staying active. There are volleyball places within the club for everyone, including: 

  • Youth programs
  • Local programs
  • Boys programs
  • Beach
  • Summer junior league
  • Little legacy league
  • Private lessons
  • Position training
  • Camps
  • Clinics

At Legacy Volleyball Club, inclusion is everything, and they want everyone to feel welcome at whatever level of confidence they put forward.

They have five teams: Adidas, Elite, National Lite, State, and Local. They also offer tryouts for players of all levels, too. If you want to be part of the Legacy Volleyball Club team, they will always make sure there is a space for you!


The club has a dedicated recruitment system for getting their players noticed by college scouts. They also offer heaps of information on college sports and how they can find you the perfect opportunity to further your skill in the sport and your education. There are many benefits to being a college student-athlete, and the Legacy team works hard to help interested students with their recruitment needs. 

If college sports are on your radar, teaming up with Legacy could be the right decision. 

Visit the Club for Yourself

If you’ve been searching for volleyball places and coming up short, this could be the club for you. They welcome every skill level and encourage all members to stay healthy while playing a fun, high-energy sport. See if Legacy Volleyball Club is the right fit for you.