Laguna Beach Volleyball Club

We are anxiously awaiting volleyball season so that we can join in on the fun. The Laguna Beach Volleyball Club is the ideal spot for anyone looking to join the local volleyball community. 

What exactly is the LBVBC all about? This short guide will give you all you need to know about the Laguna Beach volleyball community. 

Overview of Laguna Beach Volleyball Club 

The Laguna Beach Volleyball Club, or the LBVBC, began as a program for young athletes ages 10-18 interested in diving into the world of volleyball. The program started as a way to improve their skills to help students succeed in volleyball by learning to set goals and achieve them.

Unlike many other volleyball places, the professional coaching staff is made up of a team of experts with a level of experience that will help hone students’ skills. 

All coaches are qualified to train athletes at all levels of competition, including local, regional, and national championship games. Tryouts occur year-round for entering athletes to join the summer sessions or the fall clinics. 

Club Location

The Laguna Volleyball Club is located right off of Antonio Parkway and the Foothill Transportation Corridor. The spot makes it easily accessible by car for anyone in the area. 

The LBVBC club also includes a newly renovated facility. The space now offers a broader range of training with exclusive spaces for different fields of play, including: 

  • 7 Court – 7 New & Improved Volleyball Courts
  • Lounge Area – A new study lounge for athletes to review plays and work on homework
  • Plyometrics Station – A new area for athletes to train their bodies to maintain peak physical condition, in tandem with Body By Tra (Tra Lewis)
  • Pro Shop – The pro shop will help provide and enhance equipment necessary for league play
  • Media Room – A team-oriented media station to help gather and share information between teams
  • Parking Areas – A wide stretch of parking for families and players looking to view league play

What Is the Skill Level Required? 

There are programs available for all skill levels. Summer camps are offered for all ages with a novice level of experience. In addition, unlimited passes are available for entry-level students. 

There are also summer camps that encourage students to join that are looking to compete at the professional level. These sessions compile defensive and offensive maneuvers and keep kids practicing between seasons. These higher-level training sessions focus on specific aspects of training, including: 

  • Hitting Camp – Focusing on improving hits and
  • Libero/Passing Camp – Focuses on improving defensive maneuvers and floor work.
  • Setting Camp – Focuses on centering the player, improving footwork, and other moving techniques.


The Laguna Beach Volleyball Club is a professional-grade community of hard workers looking to improve and build the community. If you’re interested in honing your skills, no matter what level you’re at, this is one of the best volleyball places for you. LBVBC is determined to build the volleyball community and provide high-quality training for young athletes interested in competing at the next level.