Infinity Volleyball Club – Colorado

If you’re on the hunt for volleyball places in Colorado for your child, you may have just stumbled across the perfect fit. That’s because Infinity Volleyball Club has a place for every young athlete who wants to improve their skills or even compete on the court.  

Of course, there are some things that make this organization in particular stand out from the rest. Depending on what you’re looking for, its way of running things may or may not be right for your family. Before you sign up, learn more about the club here to determine if it’s the best place to send your young athlete. 

About the Organization

Infinity Volleyball Club was started by co-founders Corinne Hamer and Cayla Kapelke. The two have nearly 3 decades combined of coaching experience. 

The club places an emphasis on personal development. It encourages athletes to grow into stronger athletes, teammates, and leaders. The organization also promises a judgment-free space for all children to improve. 

The Location

Infinity Volleyball Club trains at The Courts and rarely holds camps or events elsewhere. The Courts are located in Northglenn, Colorado, just north of Denver. 

The facility is conveniently located just off I-25. So for those in the Denver metro area, you’ll have no problem getting to practice on time. It’s even convenient for those in the Boulder area, especially those located on the southeast side of the city. 

When it comes time for tournaments, these typically take place in the Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs area. However, if your child joins one of the competitive teams, there may be some games further out for national qualifying tournaments. 

Programs Available

All players are welcome here, and that’s evident through the organization’s programming. Other volleyball places may only offer competitive teams or recreational events. However, the Infinity Volleyball Club has opportunities for boys and girls aged 11 to high school seniors. 

They offer three forms of programming:

  • Developmental Clinics: These are best for athletes looking to improve their skills with guidance from an experienced coach.
  • Competitive Youth League: This gives younger athletes the chance to square off with opponents while maintaining a fun, supportive atmosphere.
  • Club Teams: These teams are filled with dedicated volleyball enthusiasts looking to win in tournaments across the greater Denver area.

The Player Experience

At the Infinity Volleyball Club, gameplay time isn’t guaranteed but earned. This means athletes should show up to practice, ready to show their coaches they’re enthusiastic to improve and play as a team. 

Players also have the opportunity to play at tournaments as team captains. By demonstrating the qualities of a good leader, this position may be appointed by the coach. 

Parent Expectations

The Infinity Volleyball Club encourages involved and supportive parents, but also recognizes that over-involvement may place undue pressure on players. They strongly encourage parents to play a positive role in the life of their child athlete. However, if parents are looking to contribute to the team, there are “Team Parent” positions available. 

Get Involved with Your Local Volleyball Places

Think Infinity Volleyball is where your child will improve their skills and grow? Reach out and get started. Even if your child is a beginner, their developmental clinics are an excellent place to start.