How To Get Recruited For College Volleyball

Are you a high school student looking to take your passion for volleyball to the next level? Maybe you already know some important information about the recruitment process but want to fully understand it. Maybe you’ve already been contacted by a coach and want to know the next steps.

This guide will teach you all you need to know about the recruiting process. 

When Do Colleges Recruit Volleyball Players?

Colleges will start to recruit players after June 15th of the student’s sophomore year. This can include electronic communications such as text and email, or they may contact you in person to extend an offer. 

Recruiting season is the best time to look at your prospects and decide what direction to go in. Feel free to contact colleges and coaches at any time you have questions, even outside of the recruiting season.

When Do They Start Contacting Recruits?

To prevent athletes from receiving overwhelming communication from college teams, contacting young players is limited to the summer after their sophomore year in high school. This ensures that students have time to focus on their studies and adjust to high school life before taking on further pressure and responsibilities.

If you haven’t heard from a coach, you can–and should–reach out the questions about the process. There is no harm in asking about your potential recruitment and seeing what options are available to you. This is also a great way to discover what schools you are interested in before deciding which team would be best for you.

What Do College Volleyball Coaches Look For?

Coaches are looking for players with passion. If you play on your high school’s volleyball team, consider joining a high-level club team to give yourself an edge. Coaches want to see dedication and skill when looking at potential recruits. To be considered as a recruit, you’ll need to have something that helps show off these attributes at a glance.

Coaches also look out for adaptable players who can switch between positions easily. If you favor one spot on the court, attempt to better your skills at another so that your versatility on the court will attract attention. If you can excel at multiple positions, it’s more likely that a coach will notice you on the court.

Questions to Ask a College Coach

When discussing your future with coaches, there are a few things you’ll want to know. What is the team culture like, and how does that affect interactions on the court? Where does the team live, and what does the practice schedule look like? Many players may opt to live on campus for ease of access to the equipment they need to practice, but some may choose to live at home instead.

It’s important to know what to expect from potential teams so that you can join one that will support you through your academic career.

Questions a College Coach Would Ask a Recruit

Good coaches will ask about more than your game. They may inquire about your grades and if you’re looking for a scholarship to a university. They may also ask what other colleges are recruiting you to see how in-demand you are before they offer.

You can also expect questions about how you play, your strengths and weaknesses, and what sets you apart from your other teammates. These questions are designed to help the coach understand who you are and what you can add to the team if they extend an offer.

Make a Volleyball Recruit Highlight Video

The video should highlight the skills you bring to the court. Show your best moves on the court, and where you best fit in the team. The positions you choose will impact the coaches’ decisions based on what they’re looking for, so you must do your best.

They will be looking for skill and versatility to keep their college teams on top of the rankings, so you’ll need to show them why you are worth recruiting. Think of this as an introduction. You only make one first impression, and you want them to see what a great player you are.

Do Colleges Offer Volleyball Scholarships with Recruiting?

Some colleges will offer recruits a scholarship, but not all will. Take that into consideration when reviewing your offers. Some universities are known for offering full-ride scholarships to athletes, while others do not. However, scholarships are generally offered to the most exemplary players who demonstrate skill both on the court and in the classroom.

To obtain a scholarship, maintain your grades, and perform well on the court to attract the coaches’ attention from your desired colleges. Opportunities are limited based on the tier of the college, so not everyone can receive a full-ride or even partial coverage scholarship.

Can You Join a College Volleyball Team Even if They Don’t Recruit You?

Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t received an offer! If you aren’t recruited in high school or have never played before, you can still try out for the college volleyball teams at the college of your choice. These walk-on tryouts are held annually to fill any empty positions lingering on the team after the initial recruiting process. 

The difference here is that the scholarship opportunities are unavailable at first, but that may change depending on your performance throughout the year. There is always the possibility that you can score a spot on the team without being formally recruited, so don’t give up!

What Colleges Have the Best Volleyball Team?

You can determine which colleges have the best volleyball teams by looking at the rankings from past tournaments and championships. Each team has something different to offer, but the best teams tend to have the best results. When it comes to finding the right team for you, focus on what matters most to you in a team, whether it’s winning, a sense of camaraderie, or something else.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide told you everything you need to know about the volleyball college recruitment process. Overall, if you want to be recruited by one of the best colleges, it pays to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. That means researching the best colleges, training hard for your season, and even making a highlight video. 

Most importantly, you’ll also want to make a genuine connection with the recruiter. Show interest in their school, be yourself, and trust that all of your hard work will open the right doors for you!