How To Do Libero Tracking For Volleyball

If you’re a libero tracker, part of your duty is to make sure libero players don’t serve or play in the front row. If they rotate to the front row without getting replaced, the tracker will notify the referee that the libero is a front-row player.

How do you track for volleyball? We’ll cover this and more here.

Why Do You Need to Track in Volleyball?

Tracking sheets make note of the substitutions of the libero as well as any substitutions that happen on the floor. It needs to be done well since referees look at it as the lineup that’s on the floor. It keeps track of the entire lineup, especially the 6 players that are playing.

Tracking Rules

Let’s take a look at the rules and regulations of a libero and the tracker. 

Rules of the Tracker

The tracker (or assistant scorekeeper) must:

  • Make sure the libero doesn’t play in the front row
  • Make sure they don’t serve
  • Record all replacements and substitutions
  • Help the main scorekeeper with substitutions, especially if there are multiple subs

Rules of the Libero

Liberos are back-row defensive players. They only play in the back-row to promote ball control. They’re agile defenders and to enter the court, they must replace a back-row teammate. If you play this position, you must:

  • Not be recorded as a substitution
  • Be able to have unlimited replacements
  • Sit out one dead ball before reprising your role after leaving the volleyball court
  • If they don’t do the above, the tracker must let the second referee know
  • The player replacement of the previous libero must replace them back on the court
  • If they don’t do the above, they must let the second referee know

Note: Tracker roles are important because if you don’t pay attention, coaches can sneak on illegal substitutions. 

Recording Replacements of the Libero on the Tracking Sheet

When this position enters the volleyball court, write down an “L” behind the player that they replaced. When the player returns to the volleyball court and the libero leaves, write down the “#” of the player returning behind the “L”.

Double Libero Replacement: Libero on Volleyball Court then Moves to Serve

This is when two regular uniformed volleyball players cross into the libero replacement area as the libero returns to serve. They cannot exit the court and then re-enter. If they do, the second referee needs to be notified.

When there’s a double exchange, the player will replace the libero. This is typically moving to the left front. The libero replaces the next serve and moves to the serve position.

Serving Rules

The libero can serve for any player they substitute. However, once they serve, that’s the only position in the rotation they can serve in for the rest of the game. Once the libero serves, put a Triangle around the Serving Order Number. This could be I, II, III, IV, V, or VI. They can only serve in the one-serve position.

Record Substitutions

The person tracking will need to record all the substitutions within the game. To record a substitution, slash the player number leaving and write the player number who enters behind it.

Blank Printable Libero Tracking Sheet

Here’s a blank printable tracking sheet that you can use. It’s important to have these sheets on hand, so you can make sure a fair game is played.

Download the PDF and print out as many sheets as you need. 

Completed Example Libero Tracking Sheet

Here’s an example of a completed tracking sheet, so you can get an idea of what one looks like after a game of volleyball. This sheet offers a great example of how you should track due to its legibility and how they’ve recorded everything that has happened in the game. 

Basically, it’s a good reference to how to track and record well.

completed libero tracking sheet

Deciding Set

The design of the deciding set scoresheet aims to keep the teams on the same side of the scoresheet. Use the left side of the scoresheet for the first half of the set and the right side for the last half of the set.

Track Like a Pro

Practice makes perfect when it comes to being a libero tracker. With this information in mind, all that’s left to do is track your first game of volleyball. Best of luck and happy playing!