How To Deflate A Volleyball

The size and shape of a volleyball don’t always make it convenient to bring along with you. Luckily, deflation will make your equipment far easier to transport. 

This short guide will give you fast-working tips on how to deflate your volleyball properly.

How to Deflate a Volleyball Without a Needle

A volleyball may be allowed on a plane, but it doesn’t make its large size convenient for packing. 

But how are you supposed to deflate it in time to make your flight if you don’t have the proper equipment on hand? Don’t worry; you don’t need anything fancy. If you don’t have access to a pump and needle, this method can aid in deflating your volleyball. 

Before attempting alternative deflation methods, be careful and stay aware of the precautions. Keep any sharp objects away from the ball during this process. Additionally, try to perform this action on a flat or even surface without foreign debris. 

Take a ballpoint pen or something equal to its thickness. Whichever item you choose, the item’s point must be less than the diameter of the valve. 

Be careful not to break the tip of the stem into the valve. In addition, you’ll need as much length from the item as possible. If you’re using a type of wiring, make sure it is fully unraveled. 

Lubricate the item with either coconut oil or water to loosen the item’s grip. Insert the item into the valve, and keep the ball steady with your other hand. 

Gently apply pressure until you reach the valve’s pipeline ball bladder and hear the air slowly release. At this point, if possible, have your friend gently squeeze the ball until the air of the ball is fully deflated. 

How to Deflate a Volleyball With a Paperclip 

As more young people flock to the sport, it’s essential for them to know how to handle their equipment properly. And when it comes to deflation, the paperclip method is an excellent alternative method. 

In this case, unravel the paperclip until it is fully extended. As before, you’ll need to have as much length as possible, and you’ll need to lubricate as well. 

The thickness of the paperclip will allow the air to release. If it’s too thin to hold, you may use a glove or cloth to get a nice grip on the paperclip. 

Once you insert the paperclip, gently apply pressure until you hear the valve releasing air. The ball must be steady, or the valve could be punctured, causing damage. 

Squeeze the ball until the air is fully released. 

How To Deflate A Volleyball With A Pump

Every volleyball pump has a thin needlepoint at the end of the hose or pump mechanism. 

Most pumps allow the user to unscrew the needle from the attachment. So, begin by removing this needle attachment from the pump. 

Once you remove the needle, insert the needle into the inflation point of the volleyball. At this point, gently apply pressure, like in the paperclip method mentioned above, to slowly release the air from the ball. 

If you want to deflate the ball completely, keep applying pressure to the valve until the ball is completely deflated. If you have a friend nearby, they can help you hold the ball and apply pressure. If you don’t have a friend to help you compress, you can use your knee or apply your weight to the ball. 

Once the ball is fully deflated, keep applying pressure on the ball as you remove the needle. This prevents air from reentering the ball even as the needle is lifted. 


Now that the ball is flattened, you can easily carry it to any destination. Pick the method that works best for what you have on hand, follow the recommended precautions, and start deflating your equipment.