Elevate Volleyball Club – British Colombia

Elevate Volleyball Club is a newer organization in British Colombia that’s dedicated to creating strong athletes with a competitive edge. If your daughter is ready to elevate her performance on the court, this may be one of the best volleyball places for her to get started improving her game. 

Learn more about the club, so you can decide if this should be on your list of spots to check out. 

About the Organization

Elevate Volleyball Club is a non-profit led by a Board of Directors. Coaches are Level 1 and Level 2 certified to ensure quality instruction. 

The organization caters to younger female players aged 13-17. The organization strives to teach players to have a “we before me” mentality. This helps players learn to play as a team and think of others rather than only working hard toward their own individual glory. Its mission is to develop young women into team players who will then go on to give back to their communities. 


Because the club was formed by the union of two former clubs, they have teams in multiple locations. Depending on where your team plays, you’ll have different head coaches. When you play with the organization, you have several volleyball places available:

  • Abbotsford
  • Chilliwack
  • Mission

Each head coach determines what events the team will register for which will affect the location of tournaments and matches. However, these teams always strive to play at an elite level and participate in tournaments at the regional, provincial, and national levels which may take players outside the Abbotsford area. 

Its Teams

The Elevate Volleyball Club offers a variety of teams for players of different ages and skill. The organization focuses on offering two programs: the high performance teams and the competitive teams. Practice schedules vary by team and location, so this is something to keep in mind when signing up. 

What Players Can Expect

Prior to tryouts, the organization offers clinics. Here, players can focus on improving their skills before showing off what they’ve got while also getting to know the coaches. 

Once they’re on the team, players in the younger age group will follow the Volleyball BC fair play rule to ensure equal game time. Players in the 15 to 17-year-old leagues can expect play time as determined by the assessments they receive from coaches. 

What Parents Can Expect

In addition to watching their daughters compete as they gain the benefits of a commitment to sports, parents can also expect clear communication from the coaches and staff. Coaches encourage parent involvement, cheering, and support. However, parents can also expect to have limitations on their involvement put in place if they are known to cause disruptions to training sessions or matches. 

Find a Volleyball Home

If your daughter is interested in volleyball, you can’t send her just anywhere. You want to ensure she gets proper instruction from experienced coaches while continuing their personal growth. Elevate Volleyball Club could be the perfect place if you’re in the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area. Explore the club and see if this is the best option for volleyball places near you.