How to Dive in Volleyball Without Hurting Yourself

When playing volleyball, diving is inevitable. Many situations may arise in which you have to dive, but diving can lead to an injury if you don’t do it right. That’s why you have to learn not to hurt yourself when diving. Diving in volleyball means you quickly get a part of your body under the ball to continue playing. Unfortunately, this technique involves a fall. 

How To Swan Dive In Volleyball

Swan dive is a technique used by volleyball players to keep the ball in the air in awkward situations. First, you should know that diving is necessary when you want to reach a ball that’s out of reach. 

As a human being, you are naturally heavy at the top, meaning, if you jump forward to allow your body to become horizontal, your head will turn downward and may hit the floor/ground first. 

You wouldn’t want this to happen because you can get injured; so you’ll have to add steps between lurching forward and contacting the ground. To reach a faraway ball, you may need to stretch out as much as possible and even jump to allow maximum reach. 

As you lurch forward or jump, you must time the ball to touch it before your body and the ball reaches the ground. The best way to ensure you’re safe is to reach the ball with one hand as the other hand begins to take care of your weight. 

Once you’ve saved the ball, your body will continue going down. At this stage, make sure your hands are close to your shoulders, and your head is lifted. This will protest your head or chin from hitting the ground.

Once your chest contacts the ground, the rest of your body will follow. To avoid falling hard and hurting your ankles, knees, and pelvis, lower yourself gradually until your whole body is completely flat. 

You can achieve this by nicely bending your body such that your pelvis is higher than your chest, your knees are higher than your hips, and your feet/ankles are higher. You can then let your pelvis touch the ground, followed by your knees and ankles. 

How To Dolphin Dive In Volleyball

Dolphin diving is a crucial skill in playing volleyball because it will greatly increase your range of defensive action. This skill can help you save balls when they are almost reaching the ground. Before you dolphin dive, you have to bend your knees, so your body is close to the ground. Spring off very fast with both your arms stretched forward. 

Depending on the situation, you can reach the ball with one hand or both hands at the same time. Whatever the case, try to ensure your hands reach the ground first before the rest of your body. Hold the ground firmly, so you can support your body. Your chest can follow, then the pelvis. Make sure your knees don’t hit the ground hard. 

How To Not Be Afraid To Dive In Volleyball

There isn’t a magical secret you can use to prevent getting afraid of diving, especially if you are new to playing volleyball. All that it needs is constant practice. You can build confidence by using a mat to practice at home. The mat can protect your knees, chin, and head in your early stages. 

You can start by kneeling and then allowing yourself to fall forward while lifting your head to ensure you don’t hit your chin on the mat. Ensure your arms are out before lowering your chest to the ground as you fall forward. You can start slowly and then increase the momentum.

Next, go on one knee and use the other leg to push your body forward and slightly upwards. Do this several times until you get used to it. You can now try falling from a standing position. Start by stepping forward and ensuring your body is close to the ground before jumping. Then, use the swan or dolphin dive explained above to ensure you fall safely.

Once you get confident falling on the mat, you can now try falling on the ground without the mat. Keep practicing until you no longer feel any fear of falling. You can now practice falling while saving a ball. 

Let your friend throw a ball at you at a distance out of your reach and try to reach it before touching the ground. Practice, practice, practice until you can now apply your falling technique while playing volleyball and enjoy the health benefits of playing volleyball.


Volleyball is an exciting game, but it also causes many injuries. Fortunately, most of these injuries are avoidable. All you have to do is practice a lot until you get used to handling the ball.