Spotlight: Leonel Marshall, 50 Inch Vertical

One of the most popular volleyball players in the history of the game, Leonel Marshall, has attracted a lot of attention because of his ability to jump 50 inches when hitting, blocking, or serving. There are several YouTube videos with his performances which have left viewers with their jaws dropped.

Leonel Marshall is known as a professional volleyball player who has the highest vertical jump achieved in the history of the sport. With a 50-inch vertical, Leonel greatly surpasses the average volleyball player’s vertical of 20 inches.

Facts about Leonel Marshall:

  • Plays the outside hitter role
  • Has the highest vertical jump in volleyball
  • Born September 25, 1979 in Havana, Cuba
  • He played for the Cuban National Men’s Volleyball team
  • He has received many awards for his abilities as a volleyball player
  • Wears the number 7
  • Won World Grand Champions Cup in 2001 in Japan
  • Won NORCECA Championship in 2001 in Barbados

Although he no longer plays for the Cuban National team, he is considered a “dream team” member.

For anyone interested in ways of increasing jump height you can read our volleyball workouts guide for jumping higher. To see what a high vertical can gain you, just watch Leonel Marshall in the video below.

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