Complete Guide: Anatomy of a Volleyball Shoe

We don’t often think too deeply about the anatomy of a volleyball shoe. However, when it comes to playing a sport like volleyball, a little more thought is necessary. Any sport is demanding for your feet and knees, and in volleyball, you place constant pressure on them. Your shoe is your primary defense against this …

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why do volledifferent styles of volleyball shoesyball players tape their fingers

Different Volleyball Shoe Styles

A player’s choice of volleyball shoes is the most important decision they can make regarding their equipment. However, some people think that any shoe style will suffice to play, which isn’t true.  Volleyball shoe styles feature design elements that give you greater control over your movements on the court, minimizing slips and missteps. Their construction …

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Why You Need To Use Volleyball Shoes

When trying out any new sport, it’s natural to want to save the pennies by using your pre-existing sportswear. Therefore, many people question if they can play a safe volleyball game in their everyday sneakers. The answer to this is probably not. Taking into account the constant jumping and side movements, volleyball shoes are specifically …

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Can Volleyball Shoes Be Used For Other Sports?

Playing multiple sports is fun for many reasons, but does it have to be so expensive? Do you have to buy new equipment for every activity – a new kit, even new shoes? What if you want to use your volleyball shoes for other sports? You’ll never be able to play tennis with a ping-pong …

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make your volleyball shoes last longer

How To Make Your Volleyball Shoes Last Longer

Volleyball sneakers are quite an investment. They can help improve your performance but should never be treated like a casual pair of sneaks; they need to be taken care of properly.  Follow the guidelines below to keep your shoes in tip-top shape and prevent unnecessary damage to your volleyball footwear. Wearing Outdoors Volleyball sneakers are …

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what kind of shoes should you wear to volleyball

What Type of Athletic Shoe is Best for Volleyball?

Are you new to volleyball and looking for the best shoes to elevate your game? You’ll eventually shop for volleyball shoes, which are designed by big brands to increase agility, traction, and sudden speed on the court. However, you may be wondering if you can wear other shoes to play this game. Why wear volleyball …

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What Clothing Is Typically Worn For Playing Volleyball

To be an effective volleyball player, you’ll want to look the part and you’ll want to feel the part. When it comes to getting dressed for a match, you’ll want to wear clothing that doesn’t get in the way of making agile movements. Volleyball demands varying types of movement. You’ll need to be able to …

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Huge Selection of High Top Volleyball Shoes For Women

Over the last couple of decades, there have been incredible advancements in women’s athletic footwear. From futuristic breathable materials to new hightop designs, it’s clear that today’s brands are stepping up their game.  And we’re all here for these changes; however, comparing models and finding the right pair can become difficult with so many options …

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